Fuelday 2016

The Benelux Fuelday was a great success

After months of preparation, Wednesday the 16th of March the 6th edition of the Fuelday took place. 230 guests of 140 different companies came to CineMec in Ede to engage in conversation and to listen to the vision of young professionals (speakers).
This day evolved around one subject: accelerate with the new generation.

At the Fuelday 2016 the guests weren’t welcomed by just a normal host or hostess but by a BEAM-robot, controlled from the BigBrother office by a BigBrother employee. The robot circled the crowd to stop and talk to people. A special way of welcoming people which goes well with one of the core values of BigBorther; Innovation.


The main purpose of the 2016 Fuelday was building a bridge between the X generation and the Y generation. This of course involved young speakers. With a big smile on her face Bernieke Roetert said: “How cool is it to be able to do this?” Together with Sjors Nije she was the first of the speakers to speak on behalf of the Young Advisory Group.

Despite their nerves, it was the first time they spoke for so many people, Bernieke Roetert and Sjors Nije left the stage with a great applause from all the guests.


Then it was Pien Geerlings turn to take the stage. She started by explaining how she slowly integrated in the Petrol industry and how she combines being co-owner of a petrol station and being a trendwatcher.

She asked the audience: ‘But what is the essence of being a trendwatcher?” It takes a while before someone carefully puts his hand up. “Observing” the answer given by Paul Bouman from Affetto Instore B.V. was the winning answer of the contest. After the presentation he says: “Good observation is important, also in your company. I thought it was very interesting to hear how Pien tried to push boundaries in different ways”.


Koen van der Knaap was the third speaker to take the stage. Two years ago he took over his uncle and aunts Shell- petrol station. Before the Fuelday, Van der Knaap said: “I’d like to show the new generation what it’s like to be a petrol station owner”. And that’s exactly what he did. With clear examples like the ice-cream parlor in his shop, he showed his vision on the developments within the changeable Petrol industry.

Due to laryngitis Jitha van Staveren wasn’t able to speak at the Fuelday. Fortunately a2i’s Frodi Hammer, who also spoke at the 2014 edition of the Fuelday, was able to help us out. His story about Artificial Intelligence connected well to the “sneak peek” Aart van Rooijen gave into BigBrothers new product Watch-it: a platform where remote services are unlocked. Through this platform the customer can be supported in for example Virtual Close Protection.


After a short break, where people could let all the information sink in and speak to different people, it was time for the presentation of the day. Marketing professor and Fuelday veteran Steven van Belleghem told the audience about the importance of the “human touch” in today’s society and showed different sheets, videos and pictures of appealing examples. An inspirational end to interesting presentations.

Because the emphasis this Fuelday was on the Y generation, there was something extra organized for the young visitors of the Fuelday. After the presentations they were allowed to take a seat at one of tables with Steven van Belleghem, EFR’s Steve Westwell or Koen van der Knaap. This wasn’t something the young visitors had to think about for long, and all the tables filled up quickly. During the dinner there was time to ask questions and talk about the different presentations, companies and visions for the future.


The Y generation is the future of our industry and they were heard on the Fuelday. The interaction with the audience and the input of the young speakers was clear to see: the young and renewing insights that came through in the presentations, but also the small interactive elements that came along. For instance the survey held by the Young Advisory Group to find out the opinion on different  subjects and to share them on the big screen straight away. Or Pien Geerlings who made a Snapchat on the stage.


With the Fuelday BigBrother wants to get entrepreneurs, professionals and customers together so that plans, ideas and visions can be shared. In this edition it was also about building a bridge between the X and the Y generation: the present and the future of our industry. An industry that is going through a big change. But also an industry with a lot of great opportunities. And with this positive conclusion we look back on a successful sixth edition of the Fuelday.

We hope to see you next year!


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Presentation Prof. Steven van Belleghem
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