Fuelday 2018

Customers the day after tomorrow

Fuelday 2018 – Thursday 22 of march

In the first week of spring we celebrate the premier event of the petrol market. The eighth edition of the Fuelday will be held in Ede on the 22nd of March from 14:00 at the CineMec in Ede. This is the place to be for petrol entrepreneurs and professionals.

14:00 – Welcome

14:00-16:15 – Part 1 Fuelday – Customers the day after tomorrow

Steven van Belleghem

Steven van Belleghem is an inspirator, advisor, writer and above all a top notch speaker. He helps companies to adapt to the modern consumer. He is also the author of three bestsellers and his fourth book ‘Customers the day after tomorrow’ has just been published.

Efteling (Amusement park)

Together we look towards the Efteling experience of 2030. A dream which was created during a visit by the Efteling to Silicon Valley but came to life in the period after their return home. Mijke Broeders tells you how the Efteling transformed this dream to an expierence. Now they keep challenging and supporting each other to surprise their guests with new technologies and storytelling methods.

KBC Bank

KBC is a bank which has a customer-first mindset. Their focus is to have a sustainable and profitable growth with a firm role in the society. KBC is active in an dynamic environment and is confronted with the ever changing needs and expectations of their clients.  Also they need to keep in mind there are new technologies like digitalisation, challenging marco-economic environment and an increase of competition. To be ready for the future the KBC started in 2013 a transformation program: Client 2020.

16:45-18:15 – Part 2 Fuelday. Forecourt and Customers the day after tomorrow

MyOrder, a2i & BigBrother

During the second part of the eighth edition of the Fuelday: MyOrder, a2i and BigBrother will be sharing their innovations together. During ‘the day after tomorrow’ it is important to bond with your guests. It is the key to success for the petrol market. But to bond you have to be relevant and be of added value to your guests. What are the expectations of your guests and how do you achieve those expectations.

Entrepreneurs and innovations

The Customers the day after tomorrow arrive quicker then we expect in the petrol market. How do entrepreneurs innovate to stay relevant in the market. Entrepreneurs are talking about their innovations with Steven van Belleghem about their innovations in the last part of the Fuelday.