Boost profits with smart system links

“The offender was razor-sharp in our pictures”

Ewout Klok I Station manager, Klok Shell petrol station

Ewout Klok recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Shell petrol station he took over in 2000. As a former chairman of BETA, which represents the interests of petrol station owners and operators, Klok is always looking for improvements for the entire sector, and he found a partner in BigBrother. “We go for top brands, both in the shop and on the forecourt. The only way to guarantee the quality of a homogeneous product is to work with quality companies.”


We chose BigBrother in 1998 because they offered the best features and innovations in the security area at that time, and they still do. They are always open to working together to think up a new solution or integration. My fellow petrol station operators have also benefited from this.

We recently installed the number plate recognition module on our PumpWatch system in combination with our car wash. This innovative module, BigBrother Business Intelligence, is constantly being refined and enables us to link number plates to our customer data in the accounting system.

We also make frequent use of the other features of PumpWatch. For example, to detect drive-offs. If a known petrol thief shows up, we are promptly notified and we can shut off the pump and ask the customer to pay. The quality of the camera pictures of people, cars and number plates is so good that we can almost automatically print out an incident report.


BigBrother Business Intelligence has enabled us to implement simple but practical changes. For example, we put together a combo deal with the local fuel card. We offer people who use our car wash a discount for fuelling with us. This sort of campaign is very customer-oriented and as a result very effective. The unique insight that this module gives us makes this campaign measurable and tangible.

However, the systems can also be used for larger purposes. In the summer of 2013 there was a murder case in Dwingelderveld in the Province of Drenthe. The offender was thought to have fuelled at our station. With the number plate data provided by the police, we were able to look for the corresponding fuelling pictures. The offender was razor-sharp in the pictures. This is an unusual example, but it shows that you can help support the local authorities or investigators.


A significant development in 2003 was a reduction in losses due to drive-offs by utilising bailiffs. By repeatedly putting this problem on the agenda and suggesting possible solutions, losses at the national level were reduced from 13 million euros per year to 3 million.

For us it is too early to draw conclusions about BigBrother Business Intelligence and the number plate recognition module in combination with the car wash. However, the initial signs are promising. Revenues in the petrol sector are dropping, which can also be seen in the December figures of the CBS. Compared with these figures, we scored better than average.

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