Get a grip on losses with a uniform security level

“Insight and proof of what goes wrong.”

Kris Benoit I Manager Revenue Assurance & Security Delek (Texaco Benelux, BP/EssoExpress France)

Four years ago Kris Benoit was appointed Manager Revenue Assurance & Security at Delek, which owns Texaco Benelux and BP in France. His mission is to tackle fraud and theft issues in the network. Using various solutions from BigBrother, losses have been reduced and the network has achieved a uniform security level.


For us, working with BigBrother means strong interaction. When we formulate a problem, they think about it constructively based not only on the current product range, but also the option of innovation.

Right now we are using the PumpWatch security solution integrated with our cash register system, along with the ShopWatch and TimeWatch modules and Remote System Manager. We also have solutions for burglary protection, fire prevention and access control that are installed and maintained by BigBrother. In future we want to start using BigBrother Business Intelligence.


We have over 400 petrol stations in the Benelux, where we have raised security to a uniform level. This sort of uniform network gives us several advantages:
- A uniform and orderly basis gives us insight into potential future investments.
- We can change over quickly when materials reach the end of their service life.
- The modular systems allow stations with a higher risk profile, for example due to their location in a large city, to be given a higher security level by default.

In the event of fraud or theft, you need good evidence if you want to pursue a claim in court or by some other means. BigBrother's solutions provide insightful documentation that serves as hard evidence in the event of loss. In addition, these insights allow us to take an objective position if there is a question or complaint from a customer.

By implementing the BigBrother solutions, we have gained insight into what goes wrong and we are able to make simple adjustments to enhance our business excellence. A practical example is a situation where we experience repeated thefts of a popular product, as shown by BigBrother camera images or counts. In consultation with Merchandising, we can move that sort of product to a different location in the shop to increase our revenue.


The ultimate impact of BigBrother's solutions is very positive for the Delek petrol stations. Our losses have dropped by 3 to 4 per cent since the systems were installed. And now that PumpWatch has been installed at our new motorway petrol stations in France, we can focus directly on our core business and our employees.

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