Reducing damage with remote solutions

“Now we can resolve 90 % of the damage claims.”

Dirk Maes I Owner Maes Brandstof

Dirk Maes, Director of Maes Fuels, is an established and growing player in the Flemish petrol station market with 48 stations under his own brand name and 30 Esso stations. Several years ago there was a growing problem with vandalism at the 65 unmanned stations. Remote camera surveillance from BigBrother proved to be the key to reducing the damage.


Three years ago we struck up a conversation with BigBrother. They were mainly known for their camera systems to combat drive-offs. That wasn't the right approach for us, since we mostly have unmanned stations where customers must pay in advance before fuelling. We presented our problem to BigBrother: we were having more and more problems with vandalism at our unmanned stations. Driving away with the hose still in the car, as well as other sorts of damage. Our insurance company was not willing to pay out unless we could give them hard evidence. The combination of remote surveillance and BigBrother's camera imagery turned out to be the right answer.

After that success, we started rolling out PumpWatch together with the Forecourt Interface and the Remote System Manager at most of our manned petrol stations. The modules are linked to the Tokheim cash register system, and thanks to the Remote System Manager they can be viewed and supervised from anywhere in the world.


There are many firms that offer camera systems, but none of them has as much experience in the petrol sector as BigBrother. You sense that in everything. The basic package is very good, and it can be integrated with existing systems. It works effortlessly. Thanks to their cooperative attitude and tailored solutions, they are our preferred supplier.

The 30 new Esso stations that we recently took over are our next priority. We want to achieve a uniform security level with the solutions from BigBrother. We are starting with the stations with a shop, and after that we will roll out the rest.


In 90 % of all cases we can submit a damage claim and recover damages from the offender. That was our biggest issue. BigBrother's solutions in this area really had a major impact. We work together with the police and our insurance company to find the offenders, prepare incident reports and collect the money.

Previously we had to send a maintenance person to the station when there was a report of damage or a problem. Now we can view the images remotely, which allows us to judge the situation with a minimum of effort. If it is not a false alarm, we dispatch the right person. Particularly on weekends and evenings we can reduce our staff costs by 30 % thanks to remote supervision.

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