BigBrother gives retail organisations and petrol stations a grip on their primary processes by protecting all vulnerable products and activities, and by using the associated innovations to help achieve better customer experience and higher turnover. That’s because our systems do more than just keep an eye on your business – they also open your eyes to new possibilities.

With every new step,
we challenge the next

Innovation is a continuous process: it is unstoppable. At least for us. Since 1995 we have been developing our own systems, and looking back we see that each innovation formed the basis for the next one. It’s like reaching the top of a hill and seeing a wider vista. That’s something you can’t ignore. With each new invention, we are enthusiastic about the possibilities it offers. But at the same time, we ask ourselves: if we can do that, surely we can do even more? Our customers are also a constant stimulus for new questions, and we are more than happy to answer them.