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BigBrother gives business operators in the petrol and retail sector a grip on their daily processes by protecting vulnerable products and activities and using innovative solutions to improve the customer experience and boost profits. In addition to keeping an eye on your business, our solutions gives you a broader perspective.

Solutions with impact

Our solutions have a positive impact on your business

What we sell is insight, not cameras. Insight into what happens in your shop or at your petrol station. That's why we have specific operational processes that enable us to work in a different way. All aspects of our business activities – technology, organisation, operation and services – are fully aligned to delivering insight with an impact on your business.

  • Camera surveillance
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Access control
  • Fire protection
  • Gas detection
  • Product security

Camera surveillance

BigBrother offers eye-opening camera surveillance specifically developed for the petrol and retail sector. Thanks to the intelligence added to the imagery, our solutions give you specific insight into the protection, losses and operational excellence of your business. Our systems are distinguished by the added value provided by your system output. Instead of searching through the imagery, you get a direct overview of images that represent potential risks or are otherwise important to you. Our camera surveillance can be deployed flexibly because it is based on modular hardware and software. Integrated hybrid functionality allows our systems to support both analogue and IP camera technology. »

Burglar Alarm

BigBrother develops, supplies, installs and maintains burglar alarm systems and components that conform to current regulations and have been granted all necessary approvals and certificates. We help you with the analysis of your existing situation, the implementation and the follow-up necessary to attain the desired protection level. You can call on us for the protection of everything from a single petrol station to a network with several sites where a uniform protection level is desired. Furthermore, we integrate supplementary security measures, such as a mist generator, gas detection system or DNA spray, into the protection solution in a professional manner. We have extensive knowledge and experience in connecting and maintaining supplementary systems from various manufacturers. BigBrother collaborates closely with various incident rooms inland and abroad, so we are able to connect your burglar alarm control panel to the incident room of your choice. Naturally, we can advise you on selecting a suitable incident room and help you with the connection request. Thanks to the universal remote connection to PumpWatch through the BigBrother portal, incident rooms can easily access your CCTV images for alarm verification, closing support or image transfer to police forces. The burglary interface to PumpWatch makes it easy for you to quickly check the CCTV images to see whether the buildings are opened and closed properly. You can also use the CCTV images to verify alarms.

Access control

BigBrother offers intelligent automated solutions for access management in both small-scale and large-scale environments. Our solution for facilities with limited key plans is TimeWatch, a software application that can be integrated into PumpWatch and StoreWatch. For larger, more complex facilities we utilise specialised modular control systems that provide more than just access control. For example, the access control system can be expanded to include work hours timekeeping. Access at several locations can be administered from a single location by means of a central operator interface to the access control system. Access badges can be programmed both locally and remotely. This gives you the flexibility you need to choose the working method that fits with your organisation. Regardless of which solution you choose, you can always link the access control system to your CCTV system. That allows you to use the CCTV imagery to improve your monitoring of who was where and when.

Fire protection

BigBrother protects your business against fire. We work with you to find a technically feasible solution that conforms to all requirements, regulations and statutes. We work exclusively with suppliers offering certified top-brand products. We also have the expertise necessary to use conventional as well as addressable (extended) fire alarm control panels.

Gas detection

BigBrother uses gas detection systems to minimise the risk of gas accumulation in cellar spaces and boiler rooms in your petrol station. We install gas detectors and integrate them into the existing burglary protection system. If a gas detector senses a gas concentration above the allowable level, a notification is sent to the incident room. We have experience in defining and safeguarding follow-up procedures in cooperation with incident rooms and oil companies. We also carry out periodic maintenance to ensure that the system continues to operate properly and maintain safety at the petrol station. 

Product security

BigBrother is the Benelux agent for the Swiss manufacturer Pataco, the innovation leader in product security. The customer experience in your shop is largely determined by how the merchandise is presented and protected. With protection solutions from Pataco, you can minimise the risk of theft while maintaining an open display of your merchandise.Linking your CCTV imagery to the product security system enhances your impact on shoplifting. It enables you to reduce shoplifting by increasing the chance of apprehension and giving you better insight into the follow-up process after the activation of your product security system. »


Presentation and protection of wines and liqueurs »



Line security

Good presentation and security at no extra cost »