We are BigBrother

BigBrother gives business operators the information they need to run their businesses optimally. We have been focusing specifically on the petrol and retail sectors since 1995, and our processes and specialists are fully attuned to these sectors. We think from the business perspective of our customers and translate it into our business. This leads to innovative security solutions that create visibility and impact, setting the stage for new perspectives in your business.

When we meet with our customers, we do more than just listen to them. We also hear their underlying wishes because we are familiar with their issues. We propose a suitable solution only after this is all clear. Our solutions are tailored to our customers, because our innovations are based on our customers' needs. We set goals together with our customers, and we work with our customers to achieve uniform security across national boundaries. We do this using our video management system (developed in-house) and by integrating existing security components and relevant systems, such as our customer's POS system.

Service provider for security
Our strong commitment can be seen during all project phases, including project preparation, project execution and post-installation support. BigBrother has evolved from a hard-working installer with intelligent software into a service provider for all aspects of security. In our remote audit centre we keep a close eye on equipment, commercial processes and risks, both internal and external, for our customers. The driving force behind our intelligent solutions is our enthusiastic and specialised team in the Benelux.

We like change. Our customers constantly challenge us to examine the relevance of our solutions and to optimise them in an ever-changing environment. In the other direction, we challenge them to improve the customer experience and boost profitability. Our commitment is to the success of our customers; their growth is our growth.

We serve the Benelux and the rest of the European market from our offices in Ede (Netherlands) and Wilrijk (Belgium). To ensure the same level of quality outside the Benelux, we work closely with European distributors who have a highly complementary role at the operational level, backed up by our specialised support team in a supervisory role.

In France, Ireland, Italy and Scandinavia we collaborate with Tokheim, the manufacturer of fuel pumps, fuel POS and tank systems. In Great Britain we have a partnership with Washtec, a developer of car wash systems.
We draw on the expertise of the installation teams and service engineers of our partners to develop security solutions that work and keep them working.

Uniform quality across national boundaries
To guarantee the same quality everywhere, we regularly conduct training courses for our distributors in the field. In addition, we can monitor all of the installed systems from our remote audit centre. This covers everything from the quality of the camera imagery to the system settings, as well as analysing risky situations that could lead to theft or fraud.

Tokheim Italia

Quattardio KM 10800
S.P. 26
14030 Scurzolengo (AT)

Contact: Luigi Marzorati

Tokheim Ireland Ltd.

Unit L1, Baldonnel Business Park
Baldonnel, Dublin 22

Contact: Paul Farren

Tokheim Scandinavia A/S

Birkeroed Kongevej 194A
3460 Birkeroed

Contact: Christian Nielsen

Washtec UK Limited

14 Oak Industrial Park
Chelmsford Road
Great Dunmow CM6 1XN

Contact: Michael Harris

Tokheim Services Fance SAS

9, Avenue Galilée
92350 Le Plessis Robinson

Contact: Lance Mc Gowan

Our partners and supply manufacturers

In recent years we have established contacts and close cooperative relationships with suppliers, professional associations and sector organisations.

Among other things, our suppliers provide us with top-brand burglary protection systems, merchandise security devices and cameras. In collaboration with many suppliers of POS systems, we have developed a communication interface that allows BigBrother security solutions to be integrated with most commercially available POS systems. As a result, our customers no longer need to call on third parties and we know how to set up integration projects. This allows our customers to focus on what really matters: running their business.

Always up to date
Our participation in professional associations and sector organisations enables us to keep in touch with our specific target groups. This puts us constantly on top of new developments in the retail and petrol sectors, allows us to share our innovations at get-togethers and conferences, and gives us a voice in important decisions affecting a broad range of industries.