Tailored solutions, also for local business operators

“BigBrother's link to our cash register system is tailored to a T.”

Mark Roffelsen I General Director Praxis Ede, Apeldoorn & Tiel (Netherlands)

Mark Roffelsen has been managing three Praxis branches in Ede, Apeldoorn and Tiel (Netherlands) since 2001. After the videotape era, they stored their camera imagery on hard disk, but searching the stored imagery was difficult and time consuming. In preparation for two new shops and the replacement of the current system, they switched to a tailored solution from BigBrother in 2009.


The custom camera system linked to our cash register system was specifically developed for our three branches. The cash register system is managed by Praxis Nederland. At first they were reluctant to allow a link to another system, for security and reliability reasons. The cash register system is part of the primary process at Praxis, so their caution was entirely justified.

In cooperation with Praxis Nederland, BigBrother found a way to link in the camera system without impairing the software or the security of the work environment. The integration of the systems was so well received that Praxis Nederland has definite plans to roll out this link at other Praxis branches.

In future we would like to change to IP cameras. The capital expenditure is so high right now that we are waiting until we have to replace or update our present system.


For us the key benefit is being able to search for video segments for individual cash register slips. That makes the system more accessible, and it saves a lot of time and effort. If there are any problems or questions, we can directly retrieve the related imagery. We use this regularly, especially for return transactions. Our software detects irregularities, such as opening the cash drawer without ringing up a sale. In combination with the imagery, we can see whether or not the rules have been broken.

We also check imagery after an incident, such as a theft. Sometimes we act on this by increasing security for the product or taking measures somewhere else, but we mainly use this imagery purely for the police.


The primary impact of the tailored security system in our branches is cost savings. Every week we review the imagery to check for irregular transactions and other risk-prone procedures. By detecting and focusing attention on mistakes and failure to follow the procedures, we achieve considerable savings and we know what we should do differently the next time to sort things out.

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