BigBrother focuses on the petrol and retail sectors. Our in-house developed software is tailored to our customers, so we can rapidly answer to specific needs and changing requests. It also allows us to integrate existing hardware into a complete security system. Our commitment is to the key to success of our customers; their growth is our growth.

We don’t sell systems,
we sell better performance

Even though we are technology adepts, even the nicest innovation is useless to us if it does not have an impact on your organisation. Our commitment goes further than simply implementing a system that does what it should. Does it make things better for you? That is what counts. Therefore, we offer you not only the technology, but also the related services and a team of specialists who ensure that this wealth of data is correctly interpreted. The insights you obtain this way add a new dimension to your enterprise. After all, we regard security as more than just looking – what really matters is seeing.