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Minister slammed for blaming petrol stations for drive-offs

Dear minister,

From a security perspective your statement is surprising. How can victims be protected if theft, there is no other word for deliberately drivinging off, is accepted and not repressed?

From a retail 2020 perspective your statement is even more surprising. The future success of brick-and-mortar retail, like fuel stations and their c-store, lies in the experience they can offer to their customers. Extreme customer centricity is one of the key challenges retailers have to deal with today in order to be succesfull. Pre-payment does not fit with this challenge. How many supermarkets are using pre-payment procedures at the door to cover the cost of theft in their stores?

Please update your knowledge if the above arguments and concepts are new for you. I am sure you will then understand the unbelief your statement has caused in the fuel retail community.

Minister slammed for blaming petrol stations for drive-offs - Forecourt Trader

vrijdag 8 augustus 2014