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Leuk bericht uit Engeland

Forecourt Trader besteedde uitgebreid aandacht aan PumpWatch in het dossier beveiliging aan het begin van de zomer.

Leuk de enthousiaste referentie te lezen van Nick Fraser, lid van een toonaangevende fuel retail familie in de UK en trouwe bezoeker van de Benzinedag.

Lights, camera, actionIf you can afford the latest in equipment there is much you can do to deter and to prevent crime. And it has got ever so sophisticated lately.Since 2011 Washtec has partnered with leading forecourt security provider BigBrother to bring its PumpWatch forecourt security, control and business intelligence system to the UK market. "While traditional CCTV equipment is a familiar sight in fuel stations across the UK, there is scant evidence they offer much practical value to site management," says Richard Sweet, security system product manager at WashTec."When an event has occurred, the task of searching for the relevant footage and accumulating evidence that can be referred to the police can be prohibitive."Whereas most CCTV systems record images, PumpWatch records events. This means that it takes an intelligent approach by using traditional CCTV equipment and, importantly, adds layers of intelligence by connecting automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to pumps, epos and car washing equipment on site to deliver 'event-based' security.This gives site management peace of mind that a record of all vehicles fuelling at the site is stored within the system linking all of the images associated with the customer/vehicle visit. This means that details of the vehicle, the person at the pump and the person at the cash desk, a record of the vehicle licence plate, pump number, fuel type, amount of fuel purchased, other items purchased in store, car wash or jet wash purchases are all stored by PumpWatch. The system also features a 'drive-off' and 'no means of payment' management tool which alerts staff when a vehicle which has previously driven off from the site without payment visits the site again. "The system generates a record of the event which can be presented to the customer, which includes images of the drive-off and is often enough to settle the outstanding money owed there and then," says Sweet.Nick Fraser from Top 50 Indie Fraser Retail, recently installed a system at his busy site in Reading. "Within days of its installation, PumpWatch had allowed us to recover money owed to us from vehicles that had previously driven off without paying," he observes. - See more at:

Since entering the UK market BigBrother has quickly proved itself as a valuable partner in delivering modern, reliable and cost effective, event-based CCTV recording solutions to petrol forecourts. The flexible and modular nature of the PumpWatch system reflects the industry knowledge BigBrother has accumulated since the companies formation in 1995 and  allows site operators to install site specific equipment whilst maintaining a standardised operating platform across their wider network. BigBrother's success in the UK can be measured by the number of Top 50 retailers' who invest in the PumpWatch solution, recommend us to their piers and roll the system out network wide.


dinsdag 5 augustus 2014