How do you keep a grip on your multi-fuel or sustainable fuel location?

For the past few years, the number of different fuels at a filling station has increased enormously. This mix in the range offers entrepreneurs many opportunities to provide in different customers’ needs, but also to keep existing customers who make the switch. Responding to the different types of customers with different fuels is crucial in winning the battle for consumers from the competition.

Keeping grip on the change

The entry of the “multifuel” filling station creates more complexity, which leads to questions about the safety and efficiency. Regardless of the individual processes and regulations, the mix of fuels creates a situation in which you need support to maintain control and supervision.

EV charging as an addition

Many service station entrepreneurs are fully engaged in installing charging points at their station. Insight into the behaviour of this “new” consumer is crucial in the successful exploitation of this additional facility. Who are your customers that charge their cars? Are they different from the clients who come on the regular forecourt? These insights contribute to success.

H2 the new gold?

2021 will probably be the year of the breakthrough in the construction of hydrogen filling stations. The need for safety and control is also crucial at these stations. Besides wanting to meet all the requirements and permits at your service station, you also want customers to be able to refuel easily! Especially in the beginning, the security of the supply is crucial for the successful operation of your hydrogen station.

Prepare your service station for the future!

PumpWatch helps service stations to keep a grip on the complex processes associated with the introduction of alternative fuels. An example of this is: with the sales of LNG it is possible to monitor remotely and ensure that the working method complies with the regulations.

This article was written for the inNove magazine 1 2021

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How do you keep a grip on your multi-fuel or sustainable fuel location?

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