BigBrother has an ambitious goal. Our products and services set the standard in the field of security, control and data science. We innovate to stay ahead of the future. From that perspective, we can fulfil our commitment: helping companies in the petrol station and retail market to transform the business of today to the business of the future!

What we hear in various countries:

“You are the first security company that understands what happens in our market.”


Security is not about watching but about opening your eyes


Every step is the beginning of the next one

Once you've started innovating, it's an ongoing process. Innovation has no end. BigBrother has been developing its own systems since 1995. Looking back, we see that every innovation laid the foundation for the next one. Time and again we are excited, because we can reach our peaks again. But at the same time we ask ourselves the question: if this is possible at all, what else can we do? Then the beacons are shifted and the boundaries are set for the next challenge.


We deliver undeniable knowledge

Our solutions have been further developed to such an extent that the information they provide can be used for several purposes. For instance, information about theft, fraud, employees’ behaviour, the time transactions take to be completed, the shop presentation, hygiene and customer behaviour. Clearly, BigBrother disposes of big data. Data which we can translate into relevant information. The resulting insights are the key to success for our customers.


We don’t sell systems, we offer improvement.

What BigBrother delivers has an impact from day one. On the day-to-day business, but also on the future. Every entrepreneur is constantly improving, changing and accelerating his activities. BigBrother not only has the technology for this, but also the associated services. A team of specialists ensures that the flow of data is interpreted correctly. The insights you gain this way support you in your work. In our opinion, security is not about watching, but about opening your eyes.


We make it work!


Mechanics who get it - Each location is unique. Whether you have a wholesale business, a shop or a petrol station: we make it work for you! We work with our own mechanics who understand the purpose of their work. Camera technology is developing and BigBrother's specific knowledge is expanding, increasing the possibilities every day. What is essential, is craftsmanship and both hardware and software know-how.


We help you see - Our systems help you automate complex processes. But with auditing, we go one step further: we help you see. Experts in the audit center can detect patterns that normally remain invisible. We know what is relevant, so we can give you exactly the information you need to improve.


The remote engineer - Once the system is fitted, we guarantee the functionality and operation by checking and fine-tuning from within our own expert lab. Our team then ensures that the process is permanently controllable. Settings can be adjusted and extra functions can easily be added to generate as much relevant data as possible. Thanks to remote engineering, BigBrother is able to remotely analyse images and data from a control room.

The team

BigBrother employs an international team of about a hundred specialists. We attach great importance to everyone's role in that team; from mechanic to software engineer and from project preparer to specialist behind the scenes. BigBrother focuses on the individual development of each employee and invests in innovation of knowledge and skills.

Meeting between co-workers

Matthijs Machielse

Manager Innovation & Technology

Wim Bastiaens

Sales Director BeLux

Annemarie Oosterhof

HR Manager

Erik Kosters

Manager Operations

Harold van der Velde


Aart van Rooijen

Commercieel Directeur

Baptiste Goubert

Team International

Reamon van Dijk

Team International

Lennart Bakker


Dennis Klarenbeek



Vacancies, internships and careers

To do what we do, you need good people: professionals, who bring technology into action in an efficient way. These people work at BigBrother. The work we deliver is always eye-opening, we are always one step ahead, and we are always looking for new people. If that is something for you: join the club!

Let’s join forces

From our offices in Ede (the Netherlands) and Wilrijk (Belgium), we serve our customers in the Benelux. For the rest of the market, we collaborate with our European network of distributors.

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