BigBrother develops applications that solve real problems. Everything we do must benefit our customers immediately. The technology we use for this, ensures that both our customers and we are prepared for tomorrow. BigBrother adds intelligence to camera images and data. This way, our customers get information that they can really use!


Processes that work in a secure environment.


BigBrother innovates to stay ahead of the future. We are constantly coming up with new solutions for the problems and challenges we observe in businesses and organisations in the market. When we are able to optimally detect and interpret the actions of consumers and employees, we get a grip on the most important link in the retail process: the human being. Thus we can tackle problems before they occur and seize opportunities, thanks to useful insights into actions and behaviour. And that leads to better business.


Our camera technology and system integration does not only enable us to capture the right image, but also to recognise abnormalities in the sales process. Of course, we alert the user in case of dangerous or undesirable situations. In addition, we identify consumer behaviour as a vital resource for our customer's marketing strategy. Camera images can be linked to data from cash register transactions, access gates, article surveillance and more. The insight gained through the linked data from our smart camera system, ensures a smooth, safe process with optimal loss prevention. Moreover, it provides information that is crucial to offer a distinctive customer experience.

Data Science

BigBrother has processed billions of camera images over the past twenty years. And now we are also able to link these data and generate relevant information from them. Thus we can 'label' every behaviour or situation in a unique way. This provides useful insights that accelerate the retail process. Is someone using an access pass that does not belong to him? Are the price indications right? Are the emergency exits accessible? Is the shop clean? Is there a suspicion of sweethearting? Through the smart application of data and by connecting the systems, we are able to recognise patterns across different locations, regions and countries.


Working today on the world of tomorrow


What do we know about the consumer? How can we profile his behaviour? What are remarkable patterns of an employee? Together with the University of Utrecht and the Hogeschool Zuyd, BigBrother is conducting research into the possibilities of predicting theft and fraud. With Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, we obtain new insights into preventive measures that can be taken.

Aggression Detection

Preventing problem situations is a top priority under all circumstances. BigBrother is constantly looking for the most secure environment. In this search we are assisted by the University of Utrecht. Together we explore the ways in which we can automatically determine whether someone is displaying aggressive behaviour.

Just Start to Fill

A world first for BigBrother: fill up and drive on right away, while your phone pays for you. Just Start to fill takes advantage of unrivalled number plate recognition, so checkout no longer requires any action. This ensures extreme ease of use for the customer, faster handling and the possibility to contact the customer via the app.


Fuelday for Retail

Pathé Ede

Each year we organise the FuelDay for Retail. This event brings acclaimed speakers to share their passion and their views on the market, in particular on the end customer. An inspiring event not to be missed!


Vacancies, internships and careers

To do what we do, you need good people: professionals, who bring technology into action in an efficient way. These people work at BigBrother. The work we deliver is always eye-opening, we are always one step ahead, and we are always looking for new people. If that is something for you: join the club!

Let’s talk innovation

From our offices in Ede (the Netherlands) and Wilrijk (Belgium), we serve our customers in the Benelux. For the rest of the market, we collaborate with our European network of distributors.

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