BigBrother uses high-end technology to prepare its clients for future challenges. Sustainability, the energy transition and labour shortages will make great demands on your working methods. We collect data and camera images, add intelligence and make sure that you possess al the data to make well-informed decisions. That way, you can keep a grip on a constantly changing reality.


What is happening and why?

Innovating to learn

BigBrother innovates to stay ahead of the future. We continuously develop new solutions to the challenges faced by our clients. When we are able to optimally detect and interpret consumers’ and employees’ actions, we get a grip on the most important link in the retail process: the human being. The better we know people, the better we can serve or correct them. And the better the customer relationship and the business will be.

Warning and advising technologies

Our camera technology and system integration do not only enable us to capture the right images, but also to recognise abnormalities in the sales process. Of course, we alert the user in case of dangerous or undesirable situations. In addition, we identify consumer behaviour as a vital resource for our customer's marketing strategy. All the information from the Watch-it platform is available online 24/7, wherever you are.

Data Science shows patterns

Over the past twenty years, Big Brother has processed billions of camera images. Today we are able to link all these data in order to generate relevant information. Is someone using an access pass that does not belong to him? Are the price indications correct? Are the emergency exits accessible? Is the shop clean? Is an employee suspected of sweethearting? Is a claim for damages justified? Have all payments been handled correctly? By labelling certain behaviours or situations, we are able to recognise certain patterns. By presenting those to you, we enable you to take action accordingly.

Join us

Vacancies, internships and careers

Our products are eye-opening. We are always one step ahead. To deliver on our promise, we need the right people: professionals who make technology work for our customers. If this is your cup of tea: join the club!

Let’s talk innovation

Our commercial, service and project teams turn ideas into successfully implemented security technology. From our offices in Ede (the Netherlands), Wilrijk (Belgium) and Cluj (Rumania) our professionals deliver the promised insight and control of the business. In the rest of Europe, we work with our network of distributors. This is how we build long-standing customer relationships and start new ones.

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